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Do I Need a Health Coach? - Why we all do.

Yea, I get it. We're all busy and super aware of where our hard-earned cash goes and a health coach might not be your first priority. But why has our health fallen so far down our priority list? Health is wealth... right? Unfortunately, in modern times, many things have bumped our health further and further down our list of priorities, and sometimes we don't pay attention to our bodies until they're screaming at us. Especially if you're a generally healthy human being with no major issues, it's hard to feel like you should spend the time and energy now to focus on your health.

But do you really feel like your health is at its optimal state? I can't think of anyone I've met that doesn't have a single goal when it comes to improving some aspect of their health.

Let's ask ourselves:

  • Do you have something you know you should be doing to improve your health, but you're not doing it?

  • Are you worried about bad habits getting away from you and over time causing damage to your physical or even mental or emotional wellbeing?

  • Has your doctor told you that you need to make improvements to health indicators like your cholesterol, but you don't know how or where to start?

  • Do you know deep down that your lifestyle such as a poor work/life balance is hurting your health and happiness, or even relationships?

  • Do you depend on caffeine to get you through the day, or struggle to get regular sleep?

I could go on, but if you answered yes to any of these indicators then YES. You would benefit from a health coach!

What are the benefits?

If we could all go it alone as if it were a piece of cake (kale?), then we wouldn't be living in a world that's burnt out, sleep deprived, over-medicated, dependent on caffeine and unfulfilled in work and relationships. There's endless types of diets and lifestyles that come and go as trends, and it's confusing. A health coach can help you define your own unique goals, and identify the road blocks that are preventing you from reaching them. Working with a coach means you'll have someone to:

  • Talk through clarifying your goals and focus on them; decluttering all the ideas of what "health" is that you see in the media

  • Help you take small, sustainable steps forward so you can see the path to your goals

  • Provide regular support and check-ins over an extended period so you have support in all seasons of life - not only when things are easy, but when they're hard

  • Resources to help you learn and grow in many aspects of your health and lifestyle

In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine, the intention of living a healthy and balanced life is so that we can fulfill our Dharma, or life's purpose. If anyone out there has dealt with chronic pain, burn out, insomnia or other health issues you know it's not possible to find your fullest potential in life while also dealing with those issues. Re-prioritizing our health to the top of our list allows us to thrive in all other aspects of our lives.

What coaching looks like:

Here's where help from a health coach comes in. In a coaching program you will:

  • Start to understand your habits and the root causes

  • Be held accountable in a compassionate and caring way

  • Have someone to talk to in a completely confidential environment

  • Walk through a completely personalized program catered to your goals

Our bodies naturally want to thrive, to be healthy, to find balance. But to allow them to do that, we have to stop and listen to them; to understand our relationship with our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Listening can be scary. You might hear things you don't want to. But what will happen down the road if you don't start listening now? Having all aspects of your health as close to its optimal state as possible will mean you can put more time and energy into what you really care about. Having support in that process from a health coach will only help seal the deal in your success.

So, what are 3 things that you know you should be doing for your health that you're not currently doing? Whether your goal is to recover from stress and burnout, kick a sugar addiction, or even search for a more nourishing career, I'd love to hear what YOU want to do for your health. Shoot me a note and let me know what your 3 are!

In love and service,


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1 comentário

03 de dez. de 2021

I could not agree with you more about the intention of living healthy and balanced, so that way it's easier to reach our fullest potential in life, I also believe that investing in our health is the most valuable asset. As you said: "health is wealth".

thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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