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What is the health coaching program structure like?

I offer 6 month programs where we will meet virtually twice per month for 50-minute sessions. After our initial health history consultation, you'll be defining your goals for 1, 3, and 6 months. At the end of each session, we will work together to develop small attainable goals, things that you'd like to work on, or new tools you'd like to experiment with in-between meetings. Additionally you'll receive various handouts and resources, and I'll be available by email to support in-between sessions in whatever way I can!

Why is the program 6 months?

In 6 months time, we will be able to touch on not only a wide variety of health habits and practices that you have or would like to develop, but also explore the "why" behind them. You will have time to experiment with techniques, develop your new habits and integrate them into your life with continued support. In this time frame, most people will have ups and downs, and will learn how they would like to navigate their new health practices in a wide variety of life situations that are thrown their way. At the end of the 6 months, renewal is always an option, and more specific programs can be developed to dive deeper into various themes.

What kind of things are we going to talk about in the sessions?

As I believe that health is holistic and the health of one aspect of your life affects all, we will be not only focusing on dietary habits, but also what's going on in other areas of your life. I use the Institute of Integrative Nutrition's 12-pillar "Circle of Life" that is made up of ways that you find nourishment off the plate, such as Joy, Career, Home Environment, Finances, Social Life etc. We will evaluate how you are feeling in all 12 of these areas in the your first session to help determine areas that you would like to work on in the program in addition to your main health goals.

Do you offer group consultations or workshops?

Yes! If you are a couple, or friends that would like to explore health coaching in more of a community setting, we can curate programs with multiple people. I also offer workshops to cover the main principles we use in health coaching, or more specific topics.

Health Coaches:

Coach clients to be the experts on themselves, guiding on the side while clients take the lead

Provide structure that allows the client to transform, coaching them to find their own answers

View health holistically to support clients with a variety of lifestyle habits

Explore how clients might deepen their spiritual practices through meditation, nature, or religion to enhance self-fulfillment

FAQs: Features

Health Coaches Do Not:

Act as mental health support as a replacement for therapy or in emergency mental health situations

Advise on nutrition services such as meal plans and what you should or should not eat

Give specific advice on health issues, prescribe medicine or replace your doctor

Force spiritual, religious or other beliefs on clients in any way

FAQs: Features
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